FALL 2018 UPDATE: A group of Square One members will be traveling to Kenya this Spring as part of our discovery phase.

Upon arrival at In His Hands Orphan Outreach, our team spent time meeting members of the community prior to holding business seminars. For four days, our team shared their business education to over 50 people each day. During these seminars, the team used our textbook which was translated into Creole. The book covered the basics of business, such as marketing and money management. 


The loan-recipients below have started these businesses: Medicine, Art, Culinary, Fertilizer, School supplies, and Money transfer/Electronic. They have all been doing extraordinarily well with the loans. We receive monthly updates on the status of each business as they grow and pay back the loans by the end of March. 




Following the seminars, our team conducted interviews with entrepreneurs for two more days and decided on 6 businesses to invest in. Our team believed each business served an important function in the community. 


Meet Our Micro-Loan Recipients